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a personal non-writing post…

I don’t share much about my personal life on my blog (I save that stuff for twitter, y’all!), but today I want to talk about the CdLS Foundation. You’ve never heard of the CdLS Foundation? I’m not surprised. It’s a small organization that does great things. Cornelia deLange Syndrome is […]

Solomon’s Passage is finished!

Now, picture me doing the happy dance. This is the fastest any project has come flying out of my fingertips. The horrible weather we’ve been having kept me inside, so I had plenty of time at my desk. Now it’s time to start the revision process. I really enjoyed writing […]

Excerpt: Solomon’s Passage

Please note that this excerpt is from an unedited, unpublished piece. It may change or even be discarded by the final draft. It is shared here in a spirit of fun–to show a glimpse into the world I’m writing and the characters who live there. Enjoy this first look at […]


Good morning friends. If you are in the US and you visit the blacked out wikipedia today, they will provide you with the phone numbers and email addresses of your senators and congressmen/women. Please take this opportunity to take a stand against censorship and suppression of free speech. SOPA and […]

He’s a bad, bad man.

I’m a little smitten these days with writing my villain. I’m not a particularly religious person, however, living where I do, I am exposed to both the good and the ills of the Christian faith. Among the Christians I know are some of the kindest, most selfless people you could […]