Monthly Archives: April 2012

Exciting news!

 I’m very excited to announce that Two in Winter, a modern retelling of the Norse myth of spring, is now contracted to Liquid Silver Books!  Two in Winter was a fun project to write, and I’m really looking forward to working with LSB to make it ready for publication. Especially […]

A little excerpt from Little Wing (WIP)

disclaimer: this is an unedited work in progress. It is shared here in a spirit of fun. It may change or even be deleted from the final draft.  “Why’d you say that about Cal?” Ruy asked. “About him not wanting to sleep with Paloma?” “He’s in love with me. He […]

Quarterly Inventory

Really. April.  Huh. Already a quarter of the year is gone (inching closer to a third) and here I sit, taking stock of how I’m doing on that New Years Resolution I made, and I come across a quote on pinterest that reads “Dream as if you will live forever. […]