Monthly Archives: July 2012

The glamorous writer’s life

This week, many of my fellow romance writers are out in Anaheim, California for RWA Nationals. Lucky ducks. Me? I’m still living the glam life out here in Northwest GA, which means: four loads of laundry, two screaming (for joy, y’all, for JOY) children, two shedding dogs, not enough coffee […]

Writing Paranormal: No Turns Ahead

When I talk about the Ushers, people are really excited about the idea of werewolves and the mythology, and all this paranormal “stuff,” which I love, and I love talking about! One of the things that I decided early on was that my Weres, and the the vampire society of […]

WIP Snippet

I’m on vacation, recharging the mental batteries, and trying to decide what to blog about, I realized I haven’t shared a bit of my work in progress for awhile, so I thought I’d share some Little Wing today. Remember: this is from an unedited work in progress, it may change […]