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Guest Post: George Wilhite on the Power of Point of View 2

V here: Today I am welcoming horror author George Wilhite to the blog to talk about the power of point of view! George’s book Silhouette of Darkness will be published by Musa Publishing’s Thalia imprint this fall. THE POWER OF POINT OF VIEW: GREAT ADVICE FROM THE EDITORS OF MUSA FOR MY […]

Guest post: Becca Jameson

V here: Today I’m welcoming Becca Jameson to the blog to talk about “Lindsey’s Wolves” the much-anticipated sequel to her book “Kara’s Wolves.”  I asked Becca to tell us a little bit about her decision to create a sequel for “Kara’s Wolves,” and this is what she had to say: […]

Kara's Wolves

On writing and running…

You know, every so often I hear someone say: writing a book is like running a marathon. Okay, I’m gonna stop right there. I don’t know if the people who say that have ever written a book, but I assume since they are giving writing advice, they probably have. I […]

Updates from a slacking blogger

Good morning friends! First of all, I’d like to apologize for not updating the blog more frequently, and letting my wonderful guests carry me for a few weeks. (They have been wonderful, haven’t they???) School has started back, and while I would think that would mean more writing time, these […]