Monthly Archives: September 2012

Two weeks!

That’s right, only two more weeks until the first Ushers book,¬†Amazon, releases! I gave the characters from the Ushers their own blog, so feel free to have a peek at their antics over there: I am so excited about this book, it feels like there are fish swimming around […]

Fall Break

It’s fall break here in the North household. The twins are home for a week from school, the air is a little chilled (which, in Georgia, means you can go barefoot outside without burning your soles on the sidewalk), and not much writing is happening with the little hellions running […]

Amazon: The Ushers Book One

And, another cover reveal!

Yeah… so, I’m a little excited about this. This is the cover for my paranormal romance, Amazon, which will be coming out ONE MONTH from today! The wonderful art team at Musa did a great job creating my beautiful albino heroine and her handsome mate. I can’t wait to share […]

Cover reveal!

I’m so freaking excited I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share this cover. <3 Done by the amazing Valerie Tibbs, here’s the cover for Fight or Flight (coming December 10 from Liquid Silver Books)¬†

Fight or Flight