Some happy Double-Up news. :) 6

Last Friday on twitter, Sarah Frantz of Riptide Publishing mentioned she was going to be making an acquisition call–as opposed to an email–that afternoon. No lie, my first thought was: “But I have a phone phobia!” My second thought was: “Dork, what makes you think it’s you?” It was me. […]

Release Day! Shifter’s Song 2

I love new release days. The excitement, the buildup, the happy tears…Okay, also, hungry tears because I’m glued to facebook and twitter and skype ¬†and refreshing to see if the book is up yet all day and sometimes forget snacks are important too… because that’s how I roll on […]

The Heartbreaker Blog Hop! 28

Oh, heartbreakers. Who are these bad boys and why do we love them? I have a habit of writing a specific kind of heartbreaker in my books: the “no-call, no-show” heartbreaker. You know the guy… you’re all twitter-pated with him and things are going great and you think this is […]