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Upcoming Releases:

Save Tonight, a standalone contemporary bisexual M/M romance. Coming December 2016.

Summer Stock, a standalone contemporary bisexual M/M romance. Coming May 2017 from Riptide Publishing

Off Limits, a lesbian contemporary romance in the Rose & Thorns Ladies’ Social Club universe. Coming January 2018 from Riptide Publishing

An-as-yet-untitled M/M contemporary NA retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma. Coming 2018 from Riptide Publishing as part of the Queering Classics collection.

Current Release 

Roller Girl  (Lake Lovelace 3)


May 2-7, 2017 RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta, GA

Join me at the following events at RT in Atlanta (schedule may change as it’s finalized–check my current schedule here: Vanessa North’s Appearances at the 2017 RT Convention)

Eye Candyland: Love is Love Edition Wednesday, May 3 (Reader Event)

Love is love and sexy is sexy, can you tell if our ultra-steamy quotes were said from a hero to a heroine, a hero to a hero, a Dom to a sub, a heroine to her one (or two) smexy partners? You’ll use hot popsicle stick BFs and GFs to cast your vote for a chance to win candy and prizes from multiple award-winning authors of straight, LGBTQ and menage romance. Come play with us!

Expanding Our Idea of Inspirationals Thursday, May 4 (Librarian/Bookseller Discussion)

Inspirationals dominate the market of faith based romance, but there’s a whole subset of books that concerns itself with the religious lives of its characters that don’t fit neatly onto that shelf. Join us for a discussion on why we write and read them, why it matters and whether there will be forever be two separate markets for Inspys vs other faith based books. Book lists provided.

Bangin’ Hot Betas Friday, May 5 (Craft Discussion)

Take-charge Alpha heroes are hot, but they’re not the only men who know how to rock their lover’s world. The sexy BFF, the best friend’s shy brother, the sultry barista or bespectacled hot guy reading — these are ultra bangable Beta heroes and they’re every bit as smokin’ as their Alpha rivals. Award winning straight and LGBTQ authors will teach you the trick to writing Bangin’ Hot Betas.

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